chanel : miroir miroir film

This new Chanel Makeup Confidential film Created by Peter Philips the Creative Director of Chanel features Latvian model Inguna Butane and a preview of the new Rouge Allure lipstick shades which are set to launch on the 14th September this year. The Indian inspired music and small pieces of mirror forming a mask and a third eye on model Inguna Butane gives a mystic feel of things to come.

Peter Philips explains the complexity of Inguna’s look ‘The “mirror look” isn’t an actual mask. The pieces of crystals and mirrors are individually applied onto the face. The composition is created around the central mirror that’s applied on the forehead as a third eye, surrounded by a peacock-tail motive. The whole face is covered with pieces of crystals and mirrors to create a mesmerizing effect. The only touch of colour is the changing lip shades. The application of the crystals and mirrors took 4 hours.’


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  1. Reblogged this on Walnut Creek Stylist and commented:
    So maybe these are too much for everyday, but how about a small design high on a cheekbone or tracing an eyebrow for a special occasion?

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