a fashion legend : anna piaggi


Remembering fashion legend Anna Piaggi who has passed away at age 81 on Tuesday 7th August. With her kiss curled blue hair, pencil-ringed eyes, colorful canes and fantastic hats, Italian Vogue’s Anna Piaggi is widely regarded as a style icon and undenably influential. Her fans range from Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to her pal Manolo Blahnik, who calls her “modern beyond belief.” Another friend of Anna’s, Karl Lagerfeld chronicled 12 years of the journalist and self-styled fashion diviner’s “anna-chronistic” in his 1986 tome Lagerfeld’s Sketchbook. What the designer called Piaggi’s “appetit graphique” is equally evident in her witty magazine work. She’s produced more than 7,000 editorial pages, and Vanity, an illustrated journal she curated in the early eighties is cultishly collected. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London held an exhibition in 2006 of her extensive wardrobe collection, including thousands of dresses and hundreds of pairs of shoes. Master Milliner Stephen Jones said Piaggi was not only his muse, she was also “a talisman for all those around the world who believe that fashion is a way of life and that freedom of expression should manifest itself in what we wear.”

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