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For Spring/Summer 2012, Stella McCartney launched a new “eco-friendly” collection of sunglasses. The new sustainable collection is the result of extensive research conducted to increase the use of raw materials stemming from natural origins, such as castor-oil seeds and citric acid. The collection features injected bio-plastic, which is 54% made from castor-oil seeds, a renewable resource that helps limit the exploitation of petroleum, which takes millions of years to regenerate after consumption. Castor plants are non GMO and they grow on poor soil in semi-arid areas, using little water, very few pesticides and omit a lower CO2 emission. Also included in the collection is a brand new acetate plastic that is 54% made of natural sources. The product’s formula combines cellulose, the most common organic compound on Earth, which is renewable and biodegradable, together with natural plasticizers, which differ from DEP (Diethyl Phthalate), as they derive from citric acid, a natural substance obtained through sugar fermentation. The new Stella McCartney range is available in Australia at Sunglass Hut.

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